42 years old

Chinoz, Uzbekistan

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I am calm, kind, polite, caring, loving attention, impatient self-esteem, and purposeful. I'm just looking for a kind person with a heart who I can love and who would also understand me. My dream is to find a man that I love, and that he also loves me. We both care for each other and live for each other. I don't know if this is too far from what you are looking for, but it is ideal. Sometimes these things are just desires if we don't try to realize them. As you can see, I am looking for love, wherever it is, the distance will not be uncomfortable when love is near, and I will find it, regardless of the circumstances separating us. Is this your goal? Can we share our goals with each other?

I am looking for

— 41-50
— 51-60
— 61-80
— Flirt

About me

Mixed race
5,8 ft (176-178 cm)
61-70 kg
High level
— English
— German
— French
No, I am single
Drink on holidays
Live in a rented apartment
long tennis, swimming , volleyball

Preferences in partner

— Other
At least one time a week
— Movies
— Traveling
— Dancing
— Cooking
— Singing
— Cycling