30 years old

Port Harcourt, Nigeria

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I'm a peaceful, kindhearted, loving, caring, highly sociable, romantic, disciplined, optimistic, focused, hardworking and excited God-fearing young man, always in the mood for affection and fun. Say i'm an extrovert, i agree. Say i'm an introvert, i agree. Yes! Because i know i consciously switch moods very easily to suit the atmosphere at the moment. Not to piss off anybody but make him/her okay with self. I am always me; no competition, no imitation! One moment with me feels like many years together. Trust, you wanna be with me.

I am looking for

— 31-35
— 36-40
— 41-50
— Flirt

About me

Black / African descent
6,1 ft (185-187 cm)
61-70 kg
Academic degree
— English
— Other
Do not drink
Live in a rented apartment
Table tennis; Long tennis; Athletics; Carate; Football; etc. .
Reading, writing, singing, dancing, investing, trading, meditating.

Preferences in partner

— Clothes
— Smell
— Other
At least one time a week
— Movies
— Traveling
— Dancing
— Cooking
— Singing