52 years old

Catia La Mar, Venezuela

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I’d say that I often appear calm and calculated to others, but I actually possess a deep inner passion and fire. I strive for success in all that I do, especially my relationships with most important and dear people. When it comes to love, I believe in putting in the work and time to make it last in harmony and joy, and want my next man to be my last. I will work tirelessly to meet my goals and happiness.

I am looking for

— 18-20
— 21-25
— 26-30
— 31-35
— Friendship
— Networking
— Relationship

About me

White / Caucasian
5,8 ft (176-178 cm)
71-80 kg
Very Long
Some colllege
— English
No, I am single
Drink often
No, but I want
Live in a rented apartment

Preferences in partner

— Clothes
— Smell
— Other
At least one time a week
— Hiking
— Movies
— Cooking