45 years old Straight

Pinewood, USA

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I am a woman who knows what she wants and if I see a goal, I can be quite purposeful and even stubborn sometimes in a good way. I am also a woman very homey. I enjoy the company of friends and family and they are always invited for holidays to my house, which is more, I would like to have romantic evenings at home with someone special someday, when there are two of us and you don’t have to pretend somebody else, it is very intimate to be yourself, do you agree?

I am looking for

— Friendship
— Networking
— Relationship

About me

White / Caucasian
5,8 ft (176-178 cm)
81-90 kg
— English
— German
— Other
No, I am single
No, but I want
Live alone in my house

Preferences in partner

— Clothes
— Smell
— Photo and video
At least one time a week
— Hiking
— Movies
— Traveling